die!!die!!color!!! – No Future But Good Remixes

Awesome, not as expected.

Two months ago, I was less than satisfied when I listened to the crossfade, as the remixes did not seem that good, and the original song wasn’t much to my tastes. Now that I have received and listened to the CD, I rejoice. The samples in the album preview must have been chosen unskillfully.

  1. LSD 撲殺少女工房 Remix: what you would expect from a BSK remix. That is, the original song melting down to some kind of crazy chaotic chiptune noise. It’s pretty fun to listen to, even if it wouldn’t replace the original for anything.
  2. Ride on track,Need your fuck MUSIK SERVANT Remix: not much to say about this one, as it is not very original nor surprising. Still, it’s good and is very dancing while keeping what makes the original so good. It’s also funny to hear one of the most punk-ish DDC songs turned into this. I liked it.
  3. Back to Zero The Groove Shadows remix: that’s were I’ve really been surprised. This remix is incredibly groovy and really fun to listen to. I liked it much better than CLARABELL’s remix of the same song on DDC’s previous album. It might be the best track on this album.
  4. Pressure AKIRADEATH Mix: AKIRADEATHキタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ッ. That’s the track I waited for the most eagerly, AKIRADEATH being maybe the most awesome Japanese digital hardcore band (or is it DDC?). Also, DDC’s remix on AKIRADEATH’s album was awesome, so I couldn’t wait to see what the other way round would sound like. I had found the samples not amazing but well, it looks like they had left the best part for the actual album.
    The first seconds sound like a typical AKIRADEATH song, except with Anna screaming, and then Akira Kanzaki enters and starts… rapping original lyrics? “OMG what is this this is insanely cool?” was my feeling on the first listening. Having spent the past days listening to Japanese amateur rap on niconico, there couldn’t be a better surprise. Even when ignoring the rap parts and Akira’s voice, the song is awesome, and the brutal but somewhat sophisticated sound of AKIRADEATH merges perfectly with the lively but violent melody and voices of DDC.
    Now what would be far past the upper limits of coolness: AKIRADEATH and die!!die!!color!!! on the same scene performing this together (and トラックで秋葉 too?).
  5. Nu-kegara Peach ippei remix: die!!die!!color!!! sounds strange with this gothic/industrial style. Nu-kegara has never been of my favorites, and this gives interesting turn to the song. Still, the effects sound overplayed, and the track is not terribly interesting to listen to in the end.
  6. LSD OZIGIRI ダメ!ゼッタイ!Mix: OZIGIRI really is too noisy/violent for me. His original songs are out of my league, but this being a DDC remix tones down the extreme brutality a little. Altough I have some difficulties enjoying the violent parts of it, the track is pretty chaotic and sometimes fun, and the some voice samples added in are a nice bonus. I loled at “人間やめました”, sure suits OZIGIRI.
  7. Bid Start 臨界モスキー党リサイタル mix: lol wtf is this. I didn’t knew the artist at all, altough he’s on m1dy’s MEGASHIT remix EP. Anyway this guy sure is funny, and as remixes are always better with original lyrics, I can only approve of this.
  8. Anytime,Anyplace: Well, I already knew this track because they posted the full version on their MySpace, and it’s certainly not my favourite DDC track. However, a better sound quality makes it a little better, and it’s certainly a quite lively/dancing track. I guess even DDC can not hit every time.

By the way, speaking of MEGASHIT, die!!die!!color!!! has released on J-CORE MASTERZ 7 their own version of m1dy’s many times remixed track, and it’s awesome. It’s my favourite remix of the song so far, and my only complaint is that it’s too short. I’ve became quite addicted to it in the past weeks, which wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t cause a pressing urge to repeatedly scream OMAE NO MEGANE HA SHITTO MITAI DA NA at every moment of the day.

edit/post-scriptum: I find myself liking this album more every time I listen to it, so I feel a little silly for writing this so early, but well, I guess I’ll edit it after some more listenings. Let’s sleep nau.