Gay pride

I went to Paris’ Marche des Fiertés on last saturday, and for some reason it gave me a huge philantropy boost.

I don’t think that their is any pride to find in being gay – or bisexual, for all that matters. I don’t hold the opinion that this pride is useful in the current French political and cultural context either. But I don’t think it’s harmful.

Anyway, I loved seeing all the different people, some costumed, some normal-looking, some totally extravagant, some heterosexual, some gay, trans, intersex, or whatever, everyone carrying the same message about universal love – we don’t care about differences in sexual orientation or sexual identity; everybody should just live their life as they like, love if they want to and fuck if they want to, free from any repressive moral paradigm.

It may feel silly, but altough the Gay Pride parade is about minorities, but I actually feel like it’s one of the most universal events that can be ; after all, it’s hard to find anything more universal among humans than love and sexuality.

Well, everything did not feel that perfect, but let’s forget that for a moment. Love is a wonderful thing.